School Photo Information

This email is to clear up any confusion around ordering class / indivial photos.

  • The photographers who took our school photos are:
  • Every child has an individual 'shoot key' issued to them (if you lose your child's shoot key, please contact the school office)
  • There are several photo options available:  Class photo only, Value Portrait Pack, Premium Portrait Pack and Ultimate Portrait Pack.  Please note that none of the Packs include a laminated class photo.  If you want any one of the Packs and a class photo - you will need to add both items to your cart separately. 
  • The Ultimate Portrait Pack includes the item 'A Years Reflection' book.  This will have a printed class photo within the book (note: it is not a laminated photo on it's own).  It is only this $25 Pack that includes the Reflection book.  See example of Reflection book attached.
  • All orders that Photolife receive before (midnight) Sunday 26 November will be sent free of charge to the school office.  Orders placed after this date will incur a $6 postage and packing charge and the order will be dispatched to the delivery address you typed in.

Any questions, please phone or email Sam at the school office.


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